Vote Bike 2018

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On 3rd May 2018 all 99 council seats in Leeds wil be decided. Therefore it is an ideal time to stress the importance of walking and cycling to the future prosperity of Leeds.

Leeds has made progress, there is a network plan, as seen below. (click here for a larger copy)

However, the actual routes of the cycelways are yet to be decided, and costings remain to be done.

We are asking that investment is allocated at an early stage so that when the plans are finalised, the building can begin straight away.

Therefore, we will be asking all candidates for council seats whether they would be willing to support the following motion, if it was proposed in the council chamber.

Leeds Space for Cycling Motion 

Leeds City Council aims to protect residents and visitors from road danger, air and noise pollution and improve the health, economy and wellbeing of local communities. This council recognises that creating a public environment that encourages cycling and walking is a low cost and highly effective way of achieving these aims and should therefore invest in changing patterns of travel towards walking and cycling.

This Council recognises Cycling UK’s Space for Cycling campaign and 20’s Plenty for Us default 20mph limits campaign which are supported by Leeds Cycling Campaign. This council will continue to implement wide-area 20mph zones.

In order to progress Space for Cycling, this Council will plan a costed network of safe, accessible and direct routes that link places people need to get to. It will adopt a policy of 'cycle proofing', whereby cycle facilities will be installed alongside any highway works taking place. It will bid for funding from the Department for Transport and other relevant sources to build the infrastructure required and allocate 10% of all local transport funds per year ongoing towards active travel (cycling and walking). This will progressively increase by 1% per year, until it reaches £20 per person per year as a combination of local and national contributions. It will consider how best and most cost effectively, including seeking a range of funding sources and agencies, to implement a policy for restricted roads to be set to 20mph unless decided otherwise, as the foundation for active travel".

So, now you know what #VoteBike is, the next question is...are you...

A member of the public who would like cycling in Leeds to be made easier, safer, and more enjoyable?

A candidate in the upcoming local elections?

See this page for a list of responses from candidates.