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The Campaign is organised by a committee. Your current committee members are (email them using their <position>

Martin Stanley - chair (chair)

Martin joins Leeds Cycling Campaign as a relatively new resident of Leeds. Whilst he has always ridden a bike, it was only after visiting Belgium and seeing the positive impact cycling can have on whole communities, that he decided to join the campaign to help publicise its ideas and vision.

Vacant  - acting vice-chair (vicechair)

Vacant -  secretary (secretary)

Tony Read - treasurer (treasurer)

Tony has been cycling around Leeds for work, leisure and general utility purposes for at least 20 years.  He’s glad the number of cyclists is increasing but dismayed at the lack of decent provision for them.  Having also cycled in various parts of Europe, especially the Netherlands, he knows how much better things could be.

Jonathan LeMoine - membership secretary (membership)

Jonathan has been an active commuter cyclist for around 7 years. Although there has been some big cycling infrastructure improvements in recent years especially after the legacy of the Tour de France he firmly believes there is a lot more to do to get us to the same level as some of our European friends. Nobody should be afraid to go out on the roads on their bike but unfortunately many people still are.

Martin Thomas - Website

Martin took over this role at the 2018 AGM.

Steve Smith - easy rides coordinator (easyrides)

Barry Hughes - long ride coordinator (longrides)

Barry cycle commuted to school and work in Leeds for 53 years before retiring and joined the precursor to LCC, the Leeds Cycling Action Group, about 2000.  He was treasurer for 10 years and now coordinates the long social rides. He sees that LCC has an important job to do in helping the many deprived citizens of Leeds.  That is deprived of the sheer heart thumping thrill of cycling just because they are ‘frightened of the traffic’.  That is besides being deprived of the convenience, health, psychological, monetary and environmental advantages.


Ordinary Members:

Trish Cunnison

Trish represents and is the main co-ordinator of the Wheels 4 Fun Disability Cycling Group.  You can find out more about their activities here.

Stephen Craven

Stephen is mainly an urban cyclist convinced that getting people out of cars is an essential part of a city's transport strategy, and that a bicycle is usually the quickest way around town. He joined us in 2015 and was previously secretary and rides coordinator of Greenwich Cyclists (part of London Cyling Campaign).  He has also served as secretary of Leeds Cycling Campaign.

Helen Coughlan