Your committee

The Campaign is organised by a committee. Your committee members for 2020-21 are listed below. To email them use their position name given between brackets in the format <position>

Gerri Kostrzewa - Chair (chair)

Gerri was a fair-weather cyclist until 2011 when she completed a sponsored ride between Leeds to York.  Since then her love of cycling has grown. She first joined Leeds Cycling Campaign in 2011 and since 2012 has been leading Easy Rides from Roundhay.  Recently retired, Gerri now has more time to commit to the Campaign and encouraging more people to use bikes as transport, and not just for sports and leisure.  Whilst working she commuted by bike and continues to use a bike for trips into Leeds City Centre: she will often be seen loading up her pannier bags with fruit and veg from the outdoor market.

Martin Stanley -  Vice Chair / Infrastructure Liaison (vicechair)

Martin joins Leeds Cycling Campaign as a relatively new resident of Leeds. Whilst he has always ridden a bike, it was only after visiting Belgium and seeing the positive impact cycling can have on whole communities, that he decided to join the campaign to help publicise its ideas and vision.

Vacant -  Secretary (secretary)

Tony Read - Treasurer (treasurer)

Tony has been cycling around Leeds for work, leisure and general utility purposes for at least 25 years.  He’s glad the number of cyclists is increasing but dismayed at the lack of decent provision for them.  Having also cycled in various parts of Europe, especially the Netherlands, he knows how much better things could be.

Rob Halstead - Membership Secretary (membership)

Robert has lived in Leeds since 2013, but has only recently begun cycling in the city. He commutes most days into the city centre along the Leeds and Liverpool canal, or via the A65, and uses a bike trailer to do the nursery run with his two young children. He is a keen e-bike user and thinks these have great potential to make cycling more accessible in a hilly city like Leeds.

Steven Smith - Easy Rides Co-ordinator (easyrides)

Barry Hughes - Long Ride Co-ordinator (longrides)

Barry cycle commuted to school and work in Leeds for 53 years before retiring and joined the precursor to LCC, the Leeds Cycling Action Group, in about 2000.  He was treasurer for 10 years and now co-ordinates the long social rides. He sees that LCC has an important job to do in helping the many deprived citizens of Leeds, that is - deprived of the sheer heart-thumping thrill of cycling just because they are ‘frightened of the traffic’.  That is besides being deprived of the convenience, health, psychological, monetary and environmental advantages.


Ordinary Members:

Ursula Klingel

Ursula has been a member of the Campaign for several years and mainly cycles as part of day-to-day life.  "Although I have seen improvements in cycle facilities in Leeds since I moved here over 20 years ago," she says, "there is clearly much more to do and the progress seems to have been relatively slow. The commitment and hard work that others have put into the campaign has made me want to give something back.  Occasionally I lead easy and intermediate rides, but want to cater for people who aren’t necessarily confident cyclists or into pushing themselves to ever-increasing distances and speeds!  The more cycling can become an ordinary way of life for a wider range of people, the more we have a realistic prospect of achieving the Campaign’s aims."

David Dowden

David joined the Committee at the 2020 AGM and has been a member for seven years.  He has experience of Transport Infrastructure projects and an interest in ensuring good cycle facilities are included within new developments in Leeds.  He is also a committee member on the Greenside Greenway community group which is striving to re-open a disused railway in Pudsey/Bradford as a new Greenway route.  David likes cycle touring aboard and, nearer to home. remote areas of Scotland. He lives in Pudsey and has cycled for over 50 years.
Charlotte Davenport
Amy Pearce
David Miles