Cycling: a Vision for Leeds

It is 2045. Anyone can cycle in and around Leeds, and feel safe and confident without needing specialist equipment. This is achieved through high quality, appropriate infrastructure which is maintained to a high standard.

Cycle parking is now convenient, secure and well designed. High capacity storage and facilities are available at key interfaces and cycling becomes a natural part of the environment

Journeys including rail and bus are now easy, with either high-quality and -capacity storage on carriages, or bike hire systems at either end of the journey.

A meeting with the police, June 2014

Last autumn I met with the Chief Inspector Mark Bownass and Sgt Tom Butler of West Yorkshire’s Road Policing Unit to discuss the reporting of cycle incidents and how the police handle them. You can read all about it here but the upshot was that Mark agreed to try to improve the response of the police 101 call centre and also confirmed that video footage, if of good enough quality, was perfectly acceptably as evidence.