Thorpe Park consultation

Update: Our response to the Thorpe Park consultation has been submitted, and we have a response!

Leeds City Council are consulting on plans for the Thorpe Park development (close to Junction 46 of the M1). The site is crossed by the recently completed Leeds City Centre to Garforth Core Cycle Network route and we attended a meeting with the developers over a year ago to discuss plans for the footpaths, roads and bridleways around the site.

A meeting with the police, June 2014

Last autumn I met with the Chief Inspector Mark Bownass and Sgt Tom Butler of West Yorkshire’s Road Policing Unit to discuss the reporting of cycle incidents and how the police handle them. You can read all about it here but the upshot was that Mark agreed to try to improve the response of the police 101 call centre and also confirmed that video footage, if of good enough quality, was perfectly acceptably as evidence.