I have a bike to donate...

We get a lot of requests relating to whether we accept donated bikes. We don't but there are several great organisations in Leeds and the surrounding area that do. These are listed below in no particular order. Please contact the organisations directly, and please feel free to share this page.

Organisation Name: Meanwood Valley Urban Farm
Contact number: 0113 2629759
Contact Email: education@mvuf.org.uk
Address for drop off: Sugar Well Road, Leeds, LS7 2QG
Opening times for drop off: 10 to 4 every day
Do you collect bikes?: No
What will you do with the donated bikes: Train young and disabled people in bike mechanics and give bikes to them when finished. Cycling for the disabled, bikes given to refugees etc and cheap bike sales for local people.

Organisation Name: Capital of Cycling
Contact number: 01274 309597
Contact Email: info@capitalofcycling.org
Address for drop off: Capital of Cycling (formerly the Blood Donation Unit), Rawson Road Bradford, BD1 3SH (behind Oastler Market – Use ‘Capital of Cycling’ rather than the post-code on Google Maps to find the correct side of the building)
Opening times for drop off are usually: Tue 10-5, Wed 10 - 8pm, Thu 10-4, (Mon and Fri by arrangement, not usually open on weekends). In all instances it's a good idea to contact us to confirm before making a special trip.
Do you collect bikes?: Not usually unless it's more than five or six bikes (where we borrow a van) or a high value item (or happens to be en-route for somebody)
If yes, how far will you travel to collect?: We can sometimes pick up in person or by foot from Bradford town centre area or Shipley.
What will you do with the donated bikes: We fix them up for a range of community projects (e.g. as a learn to ride or activity fleet for a community centre or school) and also have a bike gifting project for low income families and refugees. Higher value bikes we tend to keep as part of a 'community fleet' which can be loaned or used for our learning activities or by staff and volunteers for delivery of Dr Bike type activities.
Any other info?: We're a charity who are committed to making Bradford a happier, healthier place using bikes.

Organisation Name: Leeds Bike Mill
Contact number: 07729895510
Contact Email: info@leedsbikemill.org
Address for drop off: 37 Mabgate Green, LS9 7DS
Opening times for drop off: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10.30 - 5.30, ideally by appointment. You can book an appointment slot to drop off a bike with us via this link
Do you collect bikes?: No
What will you do with the donated bikes?: Most of the bikes we receive are refurbished and put on sale. We try to do this as affordably as we can, to help make cycling accessible and get as many bikes back on the road as possible. In addition to this, we like to give bikes to people through other projects wherever possible. For example, we run the Fix it to Ride project, teaching volunteers to build bikes for refugees and asylum seekers. We also donate to other local charities and non-profits. Lastly, some of the bikes we receive are too worn out to repair. However, with these, we recycle as much as possible by stripping all the useful parts off so they can be used again.

Organisation Name: The Bikes College
Contact number: 01133455180
Contact Email: hello@thebikescollege.org 
Address for drop off: Museum Store, Copley Hill, Leeds, LS12 1HY
Opening times for drop off: Monday to Saturday 12noon (midday) until 8pm
Do you collect bikes?: Yes- every week, subject to arranged date/time.
If yes, how far will you travel to collect?: Yorkshire and beyond if applicable. 
What will you do with the donated bikes: They get fed into our operations which include redistribution, sales, parts donors, exchanges, donations to other causes, school donations, regular give aways and many other operations. 
Any other info?: We are not for profit, operating for more than a decade, we are Cycle 2 Work registered, we sell second hand and brand new bikes/parts/accessories. We support a number of other organisations, trails, riders, leagues, races, charities, schools, festivals and others.