There are a number of ways we can and do influence those in power:


Leeds City Council Cycle Consultation Forum

Leeds City Council organises a meeting between Councillors, the Council’s Cycling Officers and members of the public to discuss issues affecting cyclists. The meetings are held quarterly, usually on the second Wednesday of the month, at 6.15pm in the Civic Hall.

The meetings are usually chaired by a Councillor.

The purpose of the meetings is for the Council to consult with cyclists on proposed developments and alterations to the highways that will affect cyclists.

Each meeting is usually addressed by an invited speaker. Past speakers have, for instance, described the proposals for “Millennium Square”, and the implementation of the HOV lane on Stanningley Road.

Cyclists are given the opportunity to make detailed comments on proposed developments which often affect the detailed implementation of new schemes, and also have the opportunity to make suggestions for improvements to the highways themselves.

Meetings are attended by a cross section of the cycling public.