Campaign meeting - at the Adelphi in Leeds (not Headingley!)

PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF LOCATION the campaign meeting on Thursday 3rd October will be in one of the cosy downstairs rooms at the Adelphi pub in Leeds. All welcome from 7pm for the campaigning element. The committee will meet between 6-7pm and members are also welcome to attend that part if they wish.

Activities will include:

  • Ongoing discussions about plans for the new cycle Superhighway - meetings are now underway with the Council so we need to feed in members' views on the proposals. More information will be available in a blog post soon - check our homepage.
  • Discussions are also underway with the Council on the NGT (trolleybus) scheme and campaigning is hotting up with the Public Enquiry due in a few months. Feed your views in to the consultation process.
  • Further work on a draft "route evaluation checklist" that might help members to evaluate their local routes or stretches of the Core Cycle Network and make suggestions for improvement.
  • Ideas for capitalising on the Tour de France legacy, such as events, bike buses for local schools, 20pmh limits, etc. What legacy do we want to see, and how can we make it happen?
  • Report on Yorkshire Bike Show and Upcoming Events: CTC/Cyclenation conference on 5th October and Social events that weekend, along with a planned Christmas outing to try track cycling at the Manchester Velodrome.
  • Plus, see and contribute to our draft Vision for Cycling in Leeds!

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, 3 October, 2013
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