Campaign meeting: Weds 4th September at the Adelphi, Leeds

Join us for our regular monthly campaign meeting on Wednesday 4th September, upstairs at the Adelphi pub in Leeds. All welcome from 7pm for the campaigning element. The committee will meet between 6-7pm and members are also welcome to attend that part if they wish.

Activities will include:
  • Looking through the detailed plans for the new cycle Superhighway (funding announced a couple of weeks ago) - have a look at the proposals, note any obvious issues, and discuss our aspirations for it and what standards we would prefer the Authorities to aim for.
  • Making suggestions for commonly used routes such as the University to Railway station and others. Plus, looking at the existing Core Cycle Network routes to evaluate the experience of cycling on them: a draft "route checklist" that might help members to evaluate their local routes and find ways of improving them.
  • Ideas for capitalising on the Tour de France legacy, such as events, bike buses for local schools, 20pmh limits, etc. What legacy do we want to see, and how can we make it happen?
  • Looking at our activities as a Campaign and where we should concentrate our energies?

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, 4 September, 2013
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