Leeds Cycle Forum Subgroup Meeting (15/6/2016)


  1. City Connect 2 Standard Details (TBC), Andrew Norman will outline  “standard details” applied by designers when preparing the scheme drawings.  These have been updated from those used for City Connect 1
  2. Gelderd Road/ Asquith Avenue: Plans to be tabled regarding new development adjacent to this junction (Attached)
  3. Oak Tree Drive/ North Farm Road, Vicki Franks will discuss proposals for a gap closure at this junction. (to follow)


Notes from meeting:

Martin Stanley, Will Crocombe, Tony Read attended on behalf of the campaign.

We were shown proposed routes for the second round of City Connect schemes.These are planned to be delivered in 3 distinct parts.

  • Connecting the east and west superhighways with a largely protected bi-directional route through the city centre. 
  • Protected route from city centre to Elland Road skating rink.
  • Northern route around city centre too create 'InnerTube' a city circular route using canal towpath in the south.

Final details of the routes are not yet decided.

We were shown detailed plans of the route connecting the east and west superhighways. These featured in the main 3m width, bi-directional protected lanes, reducing to 2.5m width in isolated locations. At this early stage, the plans look very promising and there certainly seems to be more appetite for reallocation of road space than in the first suoperhighways. These plans are currnetly being circulated for internal consultation within the council, and will be distributed for public consultation soon. We made clear that many of the issues with the first superhighways could have been avoided if up-to-date plans were made available to those interested in the project.

Gelderd road/Asquith avenue

Latest plans of this junction are very dissappointing. ASLs may be ok for current, confident cylclists, but they will never enable people that currently do not cycle to do so. There is a common argument presented of why create good cycle infrastucture on a route not currently served by other infrastructure, however, our counter argument is, how will we ever get a network if we don't start somewhere?

Oak Tree Drive / North Farm Road

Due to an increasing number of colllsions here, there is a desire by the council to close the gap to prevent motor traffic from crossing the carriageway. People on cycles will still be permitted. We cannot share plans currrnetly as they are still being discussed internally, suffice to say we have offered some comprehensive suggestions!




Wednesday, 15 June, 2016
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