Cookridge Street and Portland Crescent: new cycle lanes

Following lots of discussion, cycle lanes have now appeared on Cookridge Street and Portland Crescent. They're causing some confusion so please see below for an update on the situation as of today, 2nd April. Our questions in plain text, the Council's reponse in italics:

Cookridge Street – are we definitely sure that signals are going to be provided at both the Cookridge St / Great George St junction and the junction with the Headrow? Otherwise, it is good and people are already using it despite the “not in use” signs!

Yes, there will be signals at both junctions.  I am told to expect them this coming Sunday.

I have seen some vehicles driving close to, or over, the line at the Great George Street end. We need to use this as a learning experience for the future and try to assess whether paint is sufficient protection for a contraflow lane. It may be that once more cyclists are using it, drivers will leave more space, but if not we may need to consider physical separation. Several people have commented that the cycle lane should be on the inside of parked vehicles rather than the outside, like the New York “parking-protected bike lanes”. I know that wasn’t possible on this route for various reasons, but it’s an important one to consider in the future.

I agree.  All routes do need individual consideration.

I’ve seen several vehicles including taxis parked in the cycle lane at the other end, by the hotel taxi rank. Could taxi licensing remind drivers that these are important facilities provided for cyclists’ safety and we would appreciate if drivers could refrain from blocking them?

That’s one to watch.  If this happens regularly I will enquire what arrangements our licencing section has to contact drivers.   ( eg contacting individual errants or a circular to all?)

There is no right turn from Gt George St into Cookridge Street. In the absence of legal cycling across Millennium Sq, is there a recommendation for cyclists from the Hospital and lower part of the University, via the existing contraflow on Calverley St to access the Cookridge St contraflow lane?

Yes, the two way route to be used is via the Civic Hall car park.  That is the signed West Park route and explains why the contraflow stops by the entrance to the car park.    Of course, not all cyclists will want or need to use the car park as there are other possibilities north of where the route passes in front of City Museum.

Portland Crescent:

1 - When approaching the junction at the start of the Portland Crescent (from the front of the Leeds City Museum) the cyclist is greeted by two No Entry signs and the remaining original road markings suggesting a One Way Street. Is there a plan to change the signage and road paint?

portland crescent cycle lane

Yes.  The signage has not been erected yet and will include “except cyclists” plates beneath the no entry signs (nowadays permitted without DfT approval following some regulatory changes).  There will also be some directional signage.   I think we are also going to remove the white line you can see on the photo on the nearside of the cycle lane and extend the red surface into the radius.

Once on the cycle path it is clear and well marked with arrows.

However, once around the corner another two No Entry signs are obvious.

As above, signage and plates have yet to be erected.

The lane ends abruptly with a stop line, exiting the cyclist onto a One Way Street with oncoming traffic (which is currently in a narrow lane due to adjacent building works) and another No Entry sign.  What is the plan here?

See above.  The plan is to direct cyclists through the car park, where there is cycle parking for the Rose Bowl and Civic Hall  and where from the other side of the car park the route continues.

Glancing to the left, there’s a faded cycle lane marking on the pavement linking with the route through the Civic Hall car park, and out onto Portland Way.


Is the route expected to continue through the car park onto Portland Way? If so, I think it needs to be signed a bit more obviously, and can the route be marked on the road so it’s clear it leads to the barrier bypass? The route through the car park to Portland Way is not ideal, with the exit onto the street not being very clear and I was in the way of pedestrians while waiting for a break in traffic. But I think a route out onto Woodhouse Lane is expected as a result of NGT and/or the building work on the corner being completed. Can you give us an update on the longer term plans?

See above.  The white lining isn’t quite right here will be made more clear.  Plus I think we’ll refresh the existing white lining where it crosses the footway and signage has yet to be erected.

Please do assure your members that the work is not yet complete. For information, there is a safety audit scheduled for the end of the month which will independently seek to identify any remaining issues.  Comments from your members and others always welcome.


When going South and coming out of Portland Crescent and turning right on to Cookridge Street, the one way sign directs you the wrong way.  Will there be sighage to indicate the presence of the contraflow down Cookridge Street?.