Grove Lane death-trap

Grove Lane is a nightmare. There have been numerous accidents here where cyclists wanting to stay on Grove Lane (continuation of the road as it bends right) get whacked by cars who think they should be turning left into Shaw Lane. Well, you could day 'adopt the primary road position' (and get honked and intimidated by cars stuck behind) to make your intentions obvious. A nice bit of kerbside snow makes things more 'sporting' for cyclists, and it shows the line that most vehicles take when coming round this bend. To be truly in the 'primary' position and avoid being 'left-hooked', where do you need to be? About two feet from the centre line! Try explaining that to the drivers behind you.

Or you could say 'redesign this dangerous road junction to make it safer for *all* users'. A more defined (sharper angled) left turn would make things a lot safer. This principle applies to many side roads - slower turns are safer.