Merrion Centre chaos

Woodhouse Lane next to the Merrion Centre. A prime example of the "bus lane dither" - you can go to the right of the island, in the bus lane, which might be blocked by buses. Or stay to the left, with taxis pulling in and out of the car park and Morrisons entrance.

Not forgetting that it's horrid for pedestrians, too. A massive red sign saying "Please do not cross here. Use facilities." tells me the facilities are either rubbish or in the wrong place. And why would anyone put an island in the middle of 4 lanes, and then have two-way traffic on one side of it? No wonder pedestrians need an audible reminder that they need to look both ways before crossing.

An area designed with no thought at all for cyclists, and no thought to what pedestrians might want or expect - it's all about moving the traffic around the other traffic that's stopped on the double yellows. Next priority, keeping the pedestrians safe by fencing them in and making them behave in ways that don't come naturally. Welcome to Leeds!