Pointless infrastructure

Photo of a van parked in a cycle bypass lane

There's a van in the cycle lane. But I'm not angry at the driver. I don't use this bit of cycle infrastructure even when there isn't a van in it. This is King George Avenue in Chapel Allerton: the road slopes downhill in this direction and there's no need for a cycle bypass - there are many other cushions and tables along the road with no such provision. If anyone needs help, it's the cyclists travelling in the uphill direction - at the moment they end up exactly where the left wheel of the overtaking vehicle wants to be. The biggest hazards for cyclists on this road are the abysmal road surface (including under this van, which is part of the reason I don't use the bypass) and drivers desperately trying to avoid the various obstacles. I'm not sure what the solution is to making this a place where vehicles travel at reasonable speeds because it's a place where people live, and might want to walk, and cycle, and play. But this isn't helping.