Cycling in the city centre - worse than we thought.

This fine sunny spring evening a group of us decided to try out cycling around the centre of Leeds. The idea was to do the sort of thing a normal human might want to do in this fine city - go to the train station, bus station, and visit the splendid Peddalers' Arms ('cos it's great) - on a bike. To be honest our expectations weren't that great. Most of us already had some experience of cycling in Leeds and had a fair idea of the sort of issues we might face.

Cyclelane porridge

Leeds is not exactly over-endowed with quality cycle lanes. Where they do exist they are very often of  sub-standard width - so it *really* helps when they are full of 'road-porridge'. 

This fine specimen is at Sheepscar, already a junction likely to strike fear into most two-wheeled travellers.  The cycle lane is full of some kind of mud, chunks of wood, cans and plenty of fag butts.

Route to nowhere?

   Where does this cycle lane go? The road is 2 lanes of traffic in the opposite direction. The pavement is a main pedestrian route into the city centre.

   As I passed, a bus and lorry came up the road, side by side with the lorry closest to the cycle lane. I yelped.





   Here's the bit before the above. Looks promising (apart from the oncoming traffic inches away).