Skelton Grange Road Bridge Campaign

The resurfacing of the canal towpath from Leeds towards Woodlesford has created a fine, accessible walking and cycling route for commuting and leisure.

But the new path has underlined the need to provide a safe crossing at Skelton Grange Road Bridge.

The steep steps giving access to the bridge are a long standing barrier to many users including those with wheelchairs or buggies, heavily loaded bikes, tandems, electric bikes or trailers. An obstacle like this simply has no place on the National Cycle Network (NCN) or the Trans Pennine Trail (TPT).

The Leeds Cycling Campaign is working to find a solution to this long-standing problem and needs your help and support to get the job done.

Please start by signing our petition to secure a safe and accessible crossing for NCN Route 67 and the TPT at Skelton Grange Road Bridge.

Link to petition

Alternatively, just email your name and postcode to:

Let's get this done!

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