West Yorkshire Plus Transport Fund


Information about the West Yorkshire Plus Transport Fund is available on the West Yorkshire Combined Authority website. In short it is a fund of £1bn to be spent over 20 years.


It will underpin growth by improving the City Region’s roads and railways and connecting people to jobs and goods to markets seamlessly


A full list of projects by region can be found here.

A full list of projects by type can be found here.

The campaign was made aware of the fund at the Cycle Consulation Forum on the 15th July 2015. (Minutes here).

As you can see from the minutes, there are no specific cycling projects but:


While cycle projects weren’t a discrete part of the TF programme, cycling enhancements will be included as part of the design of a range of corridor and city centre enhancement projects.


We will try to keep an eye on the plans and let members know about any consultations.