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Anyone for gardening?

If you are planning on trying to get to Headingley train station you might want to bring a hedge trimmer. This is shared-space, although the pedestrian bit has been eaten by plants - which means cyclists are on the grass. Doesn't look like this has seen any love in a long while.

Thanks to Sav for this.

Welcome to Leeds

You arrive at one of the UK's premiere cities - on your bike (obviously) and having coped with finding space on a train - and emerge from the station. Across the Styx that is The Loop you see some cycle infrastructure - hurrah! But no, this part is actually a pond, haven for frogs, small fish and the occasional submerged cycle shoe. It is certainly a semi-permanent feature, I wonder if the council might do something about it?

Thanks to Sav for this.

Cookridge Street

So you may have already read our explanation of the Cookridge Street controflow. What we've ended up with is sort-of-OK, but it only works if there aren't vehicles blocking it! In our opinion, physical separation (armadilloes or bollards) would improve the situation... oh wait, the Council can't do that cos they'd have to remove some car parking spaces... there's a multistorey car park about 20 metres away.