Membership payment

This is where you pay for your membership whether you are joining for the first time or renewing an existing membership.  Prices are effective from 1 July 2017.

Your options are:

1. Standing Order 

Setting up a Standing Order with your bank or building society is easy, reduces admin for us and keeps costs down - which means more time and money spent on campaigning.  Just download the standing order template from the bottom of this page, complete and post to us at our new address (Leeds Cycling Campaign, former Bridge Street Church, Bridge Street, Leeds, LS2 7QZ).  We will add your membership number as a reference and send it on to your bank. 

If you use internet or telephone banking, you can use the information in the template to set up a standing order that way. Just add your surname and postcode as a reference, or your surname and membership number if renewing. 


2. PayPal - Annual Subscription

You can set up an annual (recurrent) payment to us by completing the form below.  You only need to do this once.  It's similar to a standing order although there are costs to us.

Subscription types
Membership no. if renewing
Partner's name if couple

3. PayPal - Single Payment

You can also join the Campaign for a single year.  To do this please complete the form below.  You will need to renew manually using the same or a different option. 

Membership Type
Membership no. if renewing:
Partner's name if couple


4. Cheque

The good old cheque still works, although we have to take this to a bank to pay it in.  Please make cheques payable to 'Leeds Cycling Campaign', write your name and address on the back and post to: Leeds Cycling Campaign, former Bridge Street Church, Bridge Street, Leeds, LS2 7QZ.


In all cases we remind members they need to renew a few weeks before their membership is due to expire.

In addition to paying for your membership you can also choose to donate to the Campaign.


If you have any queries about your payment please contact treasurer [at]