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Leeds Cycling Campaign is a broad and inclusive group of people. We come in all different shapes and sizes, ride a multitude of bikes on and off road, wear lycra, baggy trousers, skirts, boots, ties, high heels and make up our own minds on helmets. We are united in our desire to make Leeds a much better place for cycling.

We'd love you to get in touch and get involved. There are a variety of contact email addresses depending on what you want to do. All emails are in the format <someone> It will help us deal with your request if you pick the right address but it all else fails and you can't decide, just use the first one.  Replace <at> with @ in your email header.

General enquiry: contact<at>

I want to join the campaign: use our online form to join or email membership<at> with queries

Something's wrong with the website: webmaster<at>

I want to go on a ride: check our rides calendar or email easyrides<at> or longrides<at> (depending on how energetic you feel)

I want to contact a particular member of the Committee: have a look at our current committee page.


Media Enquiries

We are delighted to receive enquiries from members of the press and media. You can contact us by email, contact <at> or contact us via Twitter @LeedsCyclists

Please note we are all volunteers, so a response within the hour is not guaranteed!
Social Media
Find us using @LeedsCyclists
We have both a page and a group. The page ( is used for public facing announcements such as campaign news and rides. The group ( is private (i.e. you cannot see posts unless you are a member of the group) and is used for campaign discussions and advice.