Don't we all love to see that word END. The people who paint it, and the planners who inscribe it on the plans - what do they think they're saying to cyclists? Good luck, now you're on your own... Sorry mate, there isn't room for you here - have to make space for two lanes of vehicles who probably won't leave enough room for you as they try to overtake. I tend to see it and think "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here".

And often it happens when you really need that little bit of white paint. Like here, the entrance to Crown Point Bridge. Two lanes of traffic in each direction; high kerbs on both sides and a row of posts to make you feel extra vulnerable. So, this is on my homeward route from the city (photo actually taken facing North).

Not looking too pleasant for cycling. Actually, now I look at the map, I think I'm doing it wrong. I should be coming down Lower Briggate and down to Leeds Bridge which has cycle lanes both directions... oh, wait, I can't, because Lower Briggate is one way in the wrong direction. The only way to get to the top of nice, safe Leeds Bridge is from Call Lane, which is part of the Loop.